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Creating custom systems that make sense for your space.


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We're decluttering experts.

Re.set was created out of a pure passion for the magic that happens between a before and after. There is nothing we love more than giving clients a fresh start. As a luxury full service professional organizing company, we are  equipped to sort through the chaos and make sense of any space in your home.  

Small, but mighty, our team is committed to help our clients get organized and stay organized. Offering help with kitchens, pantries, playrooms, closets, attics. garages, offices and more; there is no space we won't sort through to get you where you want to be.  

Our Team


Mary Choquette

I spent my entire life moving and without realizing it, I became an expert at making sense of spaces. I always felt like I was at home once everything had a place. And that desire to make myself at home in so many new places eventually developed into this business. Once I discovered that my skill set was something I could use to help others, Re.set was born. This job is my dream come true.  There is nothing I love more than a disastrous before followed by an orderly after; and my real passion lies in all the things that happen in the between.


Jacqueline Stavro

Jackie never stops moving and keeps everyone on our team motivated with her infectious energy. She started as a client and immediately fell in love with getting organized. Within weeks of Re.set organizing her pantry, she had her entire house in order. I knew it would be a big mistake to not get her on board immediately. In addition to working with us, she has two beautiful boys that keep her in constant motion when she isn't at work. She brings so much fun and laughter to every project. Incredibly detailed oriented, she will work tirelessly to accommodate the needs of our clients. 


Allie DeGuire

Allie Girl as we call her is the toughest one on our team. She is tiny but mighty and can literally move anything that gets in our way. She is such a strong organizer and brings a fresh perspective to every project. She keeps me in the loop with the latest tips and trends and reminds me it's important to take the before and after pictures so we can share them with our clients and community. She balances us out by constantly keeping her cool in all the chaos, and reminding us that there is nothing we cannot accomplish as a team. 


"I hired Mary and her team to organize my basement. My home is 120 plus years old and the basement, as you can imagine, is not a pretty place. I had let it get away from me, I could not stand to walk down there anymore.  The task was so enormous I was almost afraid to let her see.  I was so impressed she came and pre looked, was so confident it could be done in 2 days and did not seem scared.  I then got a follow up email with all the things that I could expect to happen while they were bravely digging through my mess over the course of 2 days.  When they arrived they seemed to have fun digging through our stuff, organizing, making piles, sorting, boxing labeling….you get the idea.  They would come to me every few hours, covered in my basement dirt, and ask about what I thought about where things should go or if I wanted to keep things.  I purged, purged purged, well to be accurate, they purged purged purged!  After day one, a noticeable giddy joy came over me.  I never excepted to actually feel physically something.  At the end of day 2, I almost cried. I told my husband I felt like an actual weight had been lifted.  The first night the entire family kept going down and looking around, none of us could believe it was the same space.  They left me with tools to help me stay organized and now my amazing basement is something I show off to all of my friends!"

Jenny Rausch

“Mary and her team are simply amazing. We provided a pretty daunting task of putting our house back together after a remodel. Mary was able to see the space, see our storage unit and make it all happen. She took care of every detail from storage bins to a way to organize mail. She does it all. My favorite part is the implementation of a system that we can maintain. I've told my friends having an organizer (namely Mary) come into my life was the best life hack of 2021. Thank you!”

Emily Buggar

"The best part of working with Mary is that her systems make soooo much sense….so once she’s worked her magic I can maintain it…and so can my kids! 


We finished renovating our kitchen and I didn’t want to “mess up” my new space by moving things back in! Mary and her team helped me use the new space to its fullest potential AND enhanced the aesthetic of the space at the same time. "

Alison Marischen

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